Tommy Lee Wendtner 2 - Automatic Tattooing, DVD


Diese DVD ist ausschließlich in englischer Originalsprache erhältlich.


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Diese DVD ist ausschließlich in englischer Originalsprache erhältlich!

In this TattooSoul DVD Tommy Lee Wendtner, specialist for black & gray, fantasy, horror and 
realism tattoos, shows his skills again. You will be looking over Tommy's shoulder while he is 
tattooing a knee with the objective of emphasizing anatomical features. This seminar is based 
on Tommy's first DVD "Tommy Lee Wendtner - Automatic Tattooing". 
But this time Tommy took over control and determined the content all by himself. 
So get inspired by his highly creative and almost automatic style of tattooing and sketching!


1. Introduction & Positioning on the Knee
2. Preparations & Workplace Set-up
3. Emphasizing anatomical Features
4. Tattoo Session Part 1
5. Tattoo Session Part 2
6. Tattoo Session Part 3
7. Monsters under your Bed

TattooSoul is a Project for Tattoo Artists who take their Business seriously and want to develop further.

Technical Details:

Length: 84 min. on 2 DVDs
Language: English
Quality: 16:9 Widescreen PAL

This DVD will be shipped in PAL format (especially for Europe, Australia and 
many countries in Africa, Asia and South America).
In case of doubt please inform yourself which format your DVD player accepts.

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