Benjamin Laukis - Contrast in Realistic Still Life Tattooing, DVD


Diese DVD ist ausschließlich in englischer Originalsprache erhältlich.


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Diese DVD ist ausschließlich in englischer Originalsprache erhältlich!

In this 210 min. TattooSoul DVD Benjamin Laukis, one of the world's best tattoo artists from Australia,
show's his skills. You will be looking over Benjamin's shoulder while he is doing a tattoo of a still life scene
he has put together himself.
He has arranged the still life in order to cover a series of different aspects in realism tattooing - from
smooth to rough textures with a certain light incidence.
Benjamin explains every working step in detail and reveals his knowledge acquired over many years.


1. Preparing the Stencil
2. Workplace Setup
3. Placing the Stencil
4. Tattoo Session I
5. Tattoo Session II
6. Aftercare
7. Interview

TattooSoul is a project for tattoo artists who take their business seriously and want to develop further.

Technical Details:

Length: 210 min. on 2 DVDs
Language: English
Quality: 16:9 Widescreen PAL

This DVD will be shipped in PAL format (especially for Europe, Australia and
many countries in Africa, Asia and South America).
In case of doubt please inform yourself which format your DVD player accepts.

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